One of Seattle's Best Transit Oriented Development Sites

Less than 20 Minutes from Downtown

  • 1 Minute Walk to Metro
  • Over 240 Units
  • 35,000 SF Ground Floor Retail
  • Attractive Land Basis

Shoreline's Future

"Today, 145th is a relatively narrow 4-lane right of way, with narrow (or nonexistent) sidewalks and no bus or bicycle lanes. It carries 31,000 cars per day in its busiest sections.. the plan is to widen the road to accommodate more ped/bus/bike access."

Ask James Ellison

Director of Sales

CityBldr provides a compelling blend of service and transparency that helps drive deals to close.

Shoreline is poised for tremendous growth and this site captures that energy with its location, scale, and overall value. Inquire now and one of our team members will provide information about the deal and its availability.

I've seen a number of TOD sites come to market, but none have had this clear vision and potential. It's an incredible opportunity.

ST2 Link Video

Watch an animation of the Lynnwood Link alignment and station locations. Link light rail service between Northgate and Lynnwood is scheduled to open in 2023.

Shoreline by the numbers